Grilled Chicken | Marinated Cucumber | Beet & Carrot Slaw | Peanut Satay Sauce


Total Meal (with Sauce): 459 Calories | 32 P | 22 C | 27 F

Peanut Satay Sauce Only (2 oz.): 160 Calories | 6 P | 7 C | 12 F

Meal Ingredients: chicken breast, cucumber, carrot, beet, red onion, olive oil, canola oil, rice wine vinegar, honey, kecap manis, lemon, garlic, scallions, cilantro, mint, ginger, salt

Peanut Satay Sauce Ingredients: chicken stock, peanut butter, honey, soy sauce, fish sauce, sriracha, lime, garlic, spices, salt

ALLERGENS: fish, gluten*, peanuts, soy*

*Macros for Vegan mod: 449 Cal | 26 P | 21 C | 29 F

*See modifications below – new macros available upon request.


  1. Brenda Gooch

    I wasn’t certain about the peanut satay sauce when I tasted it prior to heating the meal. It was spicy and very peanuty – HA – hence the name. Turns out it makes an excellent companion to the nicely grilled chicken slices. I used it in moderation and it was quite nice. The cucumber, beet and carrot slaw was spot on. The garnish of sliced marinated cucumber and green onion ( although I did not eat it) brightened the whole meal. It did make me think an addition of a green onion would be worthy and it was. Sliced that baby up and added it after cooking. Yummy.

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