Ready Set Prep'd

Ready Set Prep’d is a weekly meal prep service designed to provide busy individuals with access to healthy, pre-portioned and thoughtfully curated meals that fit into a number of diets and lifestyles. Meals are available for pickup at the beginning of each week – Sundays from Noon to 4 pm and Mondays from 11 am to 6 pm.

Each Ready Set Prep’d meal comes fully cooked and utilizes fresh ingredients that are locally-sourced when possible. Meals are labeled to include calorie counts, macronutrient values and complete ingredient list – to give you an in-depth view of what you’re eating and the nutritional value of your meal.

With a weekly rotating menu, competitive pricing and quality ingredients, healthy eating is made fun, convenient and accessible.

Owner Peggy Garbe is a local chef with over 6 years of industry experience, serving in kitchens such as Louisville favorite Jack Fry’s, as well as downtown’s Milkwood Restaurant. She began her culinary career at Sullivan University’s well-known Culinary Arts program. In late 2016, Garbe left the restaurant industry to spend more time with her husband Andrew, co-owner, and daughter Parker.

As an avid member of Four Barrel Crossfit in New Albany, Garbe realized a need to create meals that supported her healthy lifestyle, but that were also unique and flavorful – breaking the misconception that healthy food is boring or bland. With encouragement from close friends, the Four Barrel community and her coworkers, she explored meal prepping for others and rediscovered her passion for food.

We believe that convenient, healthy, flavorful food should be an accessible option for everyone. Ready Set Prep’d is ready to be that option.